A cross-functional design leadership role in a company with an impactful platform/product(s), a kind, authentic and collaborative team, transparent and accountable executive leadership, and a clearly articulated mission, vision and strategy for growth.


14 cumulative years of experience as a

- Design Program Manager at a B2C startup
- Director of Design Operations at a digital design agency
- Design Lead at a digital design agency
- UX Designer as a freelancer
- Brand designer apprentice at a branding agency
- Teaching Assistant for a design course at university
- Marketing & Business Development Assistant at a leadership development firm

Including skills in

- Design Team Management & Coaching
- Design Operations
- Cross-Functional leadership and collaboration
- Client partnership
- UX Design strategy
- Brand strategy
- UI ( and working with design systems)
- UX Research
- Teaching & Facilitation
- Project management
- and learning anything that’s required to get the job done!


From my Manager

" If you're looking for leader, as well as an individual with tremendous growth potential, look no further than Stevie. From my first meeting with them, it was clear that I was dealing with someone who had significant untapped potential. They were always up for a challenge whether it was stepping out of their comfort zone or trusting me to take on a domain that they had never taken on before (like Data). It's a rare individual who can think and lead on the design front, on the data front, and has a mind for product - all the while providing their team with warm, engaged, 'roll up the sleeves and help' leadership. I would hire them again in a heart-beat.”

Adam Zouak | he/him/his
CTO at Legible

From my Team

“We were a small, tight-knit, ragtag team of product designers attempting to organize ourselves when I received, with some trepidation, the news that we were to have a manager. It is no exaggeration to say that Stevie won us over in a single conversation. Their intelligence, focus, respect for the team, and clarity of vision was clear from day one...” 

Bronwyn Larsen | she/her/hers
Product Designer at Legible

"Stevie’s style of leadership fosters an environment of openness, transparency, and encouragement. Those who work with Stevie will have their ideas heard, and their contributions acknowledged and celebrated. If you ever have the opportunity to do so yourself, absolutely take it...”

Alicia Abrosimoff | she/her/hers
Product Designer at Legible